The construction and the use of a Dolly converter

    In the section "A 1:53 scale model of a road train" I explained that many road trains are composed by half-trailers, actually transformed into ‘full’ trailers by means of a single or double-axle dolly converter (‘A’ dolly) that has a drawbar that connects to the rear of a truck or another trailer, and has a fifth wheel mount for the second semi-trailer.
    But in my collection I did not have a dolly, neither in the homemade models, nor among the purchased ones!
    Having realized the necessity of a dolly, to give a greater flexibility of composition in my showcase, I started with the construction of this vehicle.
    Really a good starting point would be the  “1/53RD (O SCALE) DUAL TRAILER W/AXLES AND SUSPENSION ”; but I only purchased two of them (that I dedicated to the construction of the road train), and I gave up the purchase of a third one, because the courier fee for the transport would have been greater than the cost of the item itself!
    Luckily I had some spare parts from Whitebear Studios LLC ), particularly some "TONKIN DRIVE WHEELS AND AXLES 1/53RD (O SCALE)" (item WBDR53):

    So I only needed the framework to which apply the wheels, the drawbar and the fifth wheel.
    Remembering that in the tools and spare parts box of my 1:87 model railroad I had some bogies (trucks), I tried to adjust them for the framework; I measured them and surprisingly I found that the pitch between the axles and the gauge between the wheels were correct for the dolly! The only necessary steps were the flattening of the sides and the drilling of four holes where the conical housings for the original railroad type axles were.
    At this point I completed the model in the same way I did for the "the construction of the road train", using various materials, as wooden bars and rods, iron and steel rods, cardboard and plastic strips.
    You can see the main steps of the construction, the finished dolly, and some examples of its use in the gallery.