Construction and use of my 1:53 scale Dolly converter

A dolly converter. Another dolly converter. The starting parts: a railroad truck (bogie), 1:87 scale, and a couple of Tonkin chrome drive wheels with dual rims and four tires, 1/53 scale (item WBDR53). The truck after modification, with the framework made of wooden bars, the fifth wheel and the drawbar. The finished model, with mud flaps and tail lights.
The bottom view of the dolly, with the imitation of brakes and air lines. Another picture of the finished model. A semi-trailer hitched to the dolly-mounted fifth wheel. A detailed front view of the semi-trailer and the dolly. The hook and the air hoses clutch added under the trailers, behind the axles.
The dolly hooked to the "Kenworth" semi-trailer. The coupling of two semi-trailers, with the simplified air hoses system, directly connecting them. The Kenworth W900L with two semi-trailers in an "A-train" configuration.