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Massimo Marucchi - 2004
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The first temple of the deities Anubis and Bastet Anubis says goodbye to Bastet, going to sail on the vessel The second temple of Anubis and Bastet The first courtyard inside the temple The Priest welcomes Anubis and Bastet on the sacred vessel
The glass box Clear water 1 Clear water 2 Clear water 3 The girl in the wine glass
The girl in the empty glass The dragon and the beginning of the World At the beginning the dragons lived Tariena, the Elf Lady Tariena encounters Edana, under the look of Naiar
Tariena seduces Naiar In the small patio Aredhel, Tariena, Naiar and Edana With the aid of Aredhel, Tariena make jealous Naiar, hardly stopped by Edana Naiar and Tariena make friends again; Edana, Aredhel, Egolas and Leana approve
Galadwen, Saradriel, Leana and Tariena chat in the patio, in a fall morning Egolas teaches riding to Leana; Saradriel carefully controls Saradriel in the great hall Galadwen and Saradriel look at themselves in the great mirror Remembering the ancient knights...
Assisted by Galadwen, Naiar opens his heart to Tariena; Aredhel silently watches Tariena and Saradriel take Galadwen, very excited, to his holiday The mirror reveals the elegance of the dresses...
Botticelli 2004